That 70s Show Cork Collar
That 70s Show Cork Collar
That 70s Show Cork Collar
That 70s Show Cork Collar

That 70s Show Cork Collar

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The 70s called and wanted your dog to have this collar. Flower power is in. Cork collar made using cork fabric with a cotton and recycled polyester backing. Looks like the 70s, feels more comfy and sustainable.

All our Bark Cork Collars are water-resistent, durable and soft. Each collar is carefully handcrafted in Cape Town using sustainable-sourced cork fabric.

Each collar is handmade with care and will be ready within 2 weeks from order date. 

Please note that as cork is a natural product, any irregularities in the grain or colour of the cork is normal and are features that occur naturally in cork bark. This cork 'fingerprint' distinguishes each Bark product unique- no two products are completely identical, just as no two trees are identical. 

Size Guide


Buckle to first hole: 23cm - to last hole 31cm approx.

Length 36 cm x 1.2 cm width approx.


Buckle to first hole: 34cm - to last hole 42cm approx.

Length 50cm x 2.2cm width approx.


Buckle to first hole: 40cm - to last hole 49cm approx.

Length 55cm x 22mm width or 30mm approx.

Extra Large

Buckle to first hole: 49cm - to last hole 58cm

Length 60cm x 30mm width approx.